Welcome to Numerator Technologies

Numerator Technologies Incorporated is a specialty chemicals manufacturer focused on the commercialization of tailor-made breakthrough solutions for the professional turf and agriculture industries. Our business model is simple – to provide the best products available to the turf and agricultural industries by “staying on top of the technology equation.”

We are committed to move innovative concepts and leading edge technologies to reality in order to provide the professional turfgrass manager and agricultural grower with a diversified portfolio of value-added products with exceptional standards of performance.

At Numerator Technologies, we oversee and manage research and development of product candidates through a robust alliance of technology partners. This integration of technology partners allows us to provide products that emerge from a diversified range of the latest technologies.

Technical Partnerships

Numerator Technologies places a high value on technical expertise and draws on the competencies and assets of its expanding group of technical partners to optimize the performance of product solutions under development. We make full use of this matrix of expertise to tackle difficult and complex problems facing professional turfgrass managers and agricultural producers.

We believe that use of technology partnerships is essential if Numerator Technologies is to stay on top of the technology equation. More importantly, use of technology partners allows turfgrass managers and agricultural producers to profit from new and exciting technologies.

Strategies of Use

At Numerator Technologies, we carefully select candidates for development. Our corporate culture is driven by our focus on the commercialization of products that offer professional turfgrass managers and agricultural producers solutions to problems for use within their management programs. We call it “Strategies of Use.” It is like providing the right tool for the job. It makes life so much easier.